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From the outset, we have surrounded ourselves exclusively with concerned and committed people (Board of Directors, mental health experts, partners) to ensure we are impact-oriented and carry out our mission around strong values.

We have set up a comprehensive 6-month coaching program, including 5 individual sessions and 2 workshops, aimed primarily at people working in such demanding sectors as hospitals, education and grassroots associations, so that they can fulfill their role and continue to have a positive impact on others.

The others are you, us, our parents and future generations.

A purchased program automatically leads, thanks to our unique 1+1 concept, to a program offered to a front-line professional who can’t afford it.

Because of their influential role, it’s important that people who work in service professions, which are essential to the functioning of society, are supported so that they can have a positive impact and continue to be a career choice.

The well-being and fulfillment of front-line professionals, for a positive and lasting ripple effect.
Becoming a partner of Ekozali Foundation means supporting quality education, personal care and the defense of human rights.

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Support priority sectors: education, health and the defense of human rights

Amplify your positive impact and reinforce your values by partnering with us

Expand your audience by integrating our international communication media

Use the impact of our actions in your sales pitch

Gain access to our leadership circles: peer-to-peer coaching sessions on an international scale and obtain concrete tools for managing your day-to-day challenges.

Be invited to all our events, and be considered a member of our team, creating privileged links with our board of directors and experts.

Access to our optional coaching program

for you and your teams, and multiply your social impact*.

*A program purchased = a program offered to a front-line professional who cannot afford it.

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