Apply to Ekozali’s free support well-being program

You are eligible to apply to Ekozali’s free support well-being program that includes 5 individual sessions and 2 workshops.

  • You are a caregiver, healthcare professional, teacher, instructor, school leader, social care worker, or humanitarian worker.
  • You find your job challenging and often feel exhausted, without receiving sufficient support to overcome the challenges of your role.
  • You want to regain your energy, motivation, mental clarity, and the deeper meaning in what you do, thereby positively impacting your family, colleagues and those you serve.
  • You are motivated and committed to following a support program but lack the financial resources for the services of a coach, therapist or a psychologist.

If all of the above describes your current situation, let’s start your application!

If you are seeking support for free for your team: We appreciate your concern for your team’s well-being and invite you to request an Ekozali online discovery session. We will explain the importance of mental and emotional well-being in the workplace, and give them the opportunity to apply. Applications must be completed individually.

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