About us

Our mission

Ekozali Foundation is a non-profit organization, free from political and state dependence, whose mission is to support the well-being and provide access to mental health support for front-line professionals, for those of you who take care of us, our children, our parents, our loved ones and our planet : teachers, healthcare professionals, humanitarian and NGO staff.

In this way, to enable quality education, personal care and advocacy, so that vocational occupations continue to be filled with enthusiasm and sustainability.

Individual well-being is essential if we are to flourish and contribute to others. A better world can only exist through individual action and well-being: taking care of ourselves, to better take care of our loved ones, others and our planet.

We support the well-being and fulfillment of front-line professionals, for a positive and lasting ripple effect.

Our international Board of Directors

Ekozali Foundation Board of Directors is made up of 10 members, under shared governance. Our profiles, experience and skills are diverse and complementary. We bring our personal stories and expertise to the table, with the aim of supporting the universal mission of the organisation.

Our Experts

Coaches • Psychologists • Therapists

In a world where coaches, therapists and support professionals are multiplying, the choice becomes difficult: Who can we trust? Who has the skills? Who applies an ethical approach? What type of coaching or training is best suited to this period of your life? Who will support you in a way that gives you practical tools?

We spent over 1 year recruiting our team of experts (coaches, therapists, psychologists) on the basis of precise and demanding criteria, both in terms of ethical approach and personal values.

Ekozali Foundation is committed to providing quality coaching that promotes your autonomy and that of your teams.

Sandrine Bruneau

Therapist & Coach

Francesca Fabricio

NLP Practitioner & Coach

Fatema Slatewala

Homeopath & Art therapist

Linda Combaz

Clinical psychologist

Amrita Dhillon


Andleen Razzaq

NLP Practitioner & Coach

Annie-Pierre Planchon


Frédérique Surya


Amail Bendedda

Coach & Psychosocial Risk Prevention Officer

Shelagh MacFarlane

Clinical psychologist

Géraldine Keller


Valentine Bureau


It’s our turn to take care of you

It’s our turn to take care of you

Whether you’d like to take our support program for yourself or for your teams, contact us to discuss the next step together.

For every program purchased, a program is offered to a front-line professional who cannot afford it.

Multiply your social impact.

Our partners

Support quality of education, human rights and personal care

Support quality of education, human rights and personal care

More than ever, we need you to support, accompany and inspire the frontline professionals who have a direct impact on us, our children and our loved ones.